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MS Office Migration: Why Fear Success?


Beneath the concerns and challenges lurks a huge opportunity for positive organisational change. Who dares…..

Very few people relish the prospect of change. Any change, no matter how significant, is ultimately defined by feelings of disturbance, conflict and a general sense of dread. The human response to the prospect of adjusting to new circumstances is commonly that of anger, unhappiness; even disillusion – “what’s the point?”

Like individuals, organisations and their key decision-makers harbour fear for the idea of change. Change in the context of today’s uncertain and ultra-competitive environment spells doubt and provokes unwelcome whispers of losses in efficiencies, productivity and most alarming of all, revenue. Conventional corporate wisdom tells us that altering our approach means changing what is already working well; this being a prelude to eventual failure.

However, this coming March, a significant percentage of the world’s IT bosses will have to face a common change in their respective software landscapes: a migration away from Office 2003 and/or Windows XP. Read More…